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A commitment to performance

Technology creates change and that creates problems.
As a result, 80% of all solutions get lost in execution.

At BridgeLinkTech, we bring a holistic approach to managing change. While crafting a solution, we do a holistic prognosis of all the required changes across people, process, technology and knowledge, for the solution to work and deliver performance. We have created a proprietary framework and tools that help manage change in a manner that maximize benefits. The success of a delivered solution is measured on the basis of business results.
  • Consulting
  • Problem Solving
  • Business Verticals
  • Change Management
  • Change Management
BridgeLinkTech handles assignments for very large clients as well as small/medium-sized businesses with equal intensity. Our competency comes from the recognition that across domains, the challenges are diverse and unique.

Leveraging our experience and expertise in your domain, we create and execute solutions that help you achieve your business goals. With dedicated industry experts, we have the capability to function as your complete strategic partner. Our service offerings encompass Business Consulting, Business Solutions and Technology Delivery, geared to achieve domain-specific functionality with measurable results.

Who is BridgeLinkTech?

  • Premium Provider of IT Services and Resources throughout the USA
  • Employee based company. Most of our employees are available to work anywhere in the USA.
  • BridgeLinkTech is your one-stop IT Services and Resource provider. (i.e. Projects, Resources and offshore)
  • National and International Recruiting Infrastructure

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