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The implementation of our patented change management framework MC3 - part of the Enterprise Transformation practice at BridgeLinkTech gives companies the edge required for the successful roll-out of strategy to achieve their goals and objectives.

Having identified the areas of improvement for an organization, we help companies realign their Business Processes to meet their strategic objectives and further if required re-architect and plan their IT initiatives to meet the demands in the dynamic business environment. This is where a holistic view around people, process technology makes the leap from ‘vision’ to execution, to business and knowledge results.

Quality is a way of life at BridgeLinkTech and a part of the corporate practice both internally and offered as a service to our customers.

BridgeLinkTech’s Program Management services adopt a holistic approach to aligning people, process and technology focusing on strategic goals and objectives. Our services are developed to model and manage the complex relationships and collaborative efforts of all external and/or internal entities involved in the organization’s change management programs. We create an everlasting partnership to build and nurture world-class assets offshore to deliver everlasting competitive advantage to our customers.

Consulting Services:
  • Software Process and CMMI
  • Enterprise Transformation and Change Management
  • Business Process
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Program Management

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